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Rethymno City

Rethymno, the third largest city in Crete (after Heraklion and Chania), is located in the middle of the north coast, at the foot of the Psiloritis mountain range.
The layout of Rethymno is close to the sea, with the central Venetian, the Ruga Maistra (today named Venizelos avenue) which goes along the main coast. Heraklion and Chania are different, the already closed to the sea for additional replenishment and the main road sales at a different angle to the coast.
The Venetian port
The area of ​​the port of Rethymnon is a good place for a coffee in one of the cafes and you may have the opportunity to eat there, just for the atmosphere. Look out of the harbor at the condition of the buildings and seeing the abuse of this historic site can be frustrating - you might suggest a renovation or two! But not to worry, there are many more that you can see and enjoy, sit in cafes, eat and generally enjoy what Rethymnon has to offer.
The Fortress dominates the city and makes Rethymno very photogenic, on the sidewalks below it, with its charming old buildings. Venetian influences abound and the minarets and vaulted mosques are reminiscent of Turkish influence for a long time. Numerous shops for souvenirs (with many local products now available), modern fashion or fantastic jewelry, combine the old and the modern to make a colorful and vibrant city. Starting outside the city, a few days you will visit gorges, monasteries, villages with ancient churches, the southern shore of the Libyan Sea, the amazing mountains of Psiloritis and the White Mountains.


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